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Mission and Virtues

Mission and Virtues
Mission Statement:
Founders Classical Academy seeks to provide an excellent and distinctively classical education
that pursues knowledge, promotes virtue, and prepares students for prosperous lives in a free

School Motto:
Quia Est Fas. - “Because It Is Right.”
Founders Classical Academy Prosper - 7 Virtues
Courage, Wisdom, Justice, Temperance, Gratitude, Humility, Generosity

Student Motto:
I will lead with WISDOM, order myself by JUSTICE and by my example others will order
themselves in the same way. I will take COURAGE and harmonize through TEMPERANCE. I
will live HUMBLY, GIVE generously and be GRATEFUL, knowing that the liberty to live a
virtuous life is a privilege, Quia Est Fas.

Guidelines for Speech

Before you speak, THINK:

T Is it True?
H Is it Helpful?
I Is it Inspiring?
N Is it Necessary?
K Is it Kind?